Manage your editions.

You're an artist, and your needs are simple... You want to spend less time managing your creations and more time making them. Editions Count was designed to simplify inventory management for fine artists who work in mediums like photography, print, sculpture, and video.

How it works.

Use Editions Count to track an unlimited number of artworks and all key details including dimensions, edition size, price, and sales history.

Share collections of artworks with anyone that has an email address. Through a free Guest account, they'll be able to access the latest details about your artworks including the pieces remaining in edition and the current price.

15 day free trial
15 day free trial

Artists, try it free for 15 days!

When your trial has ended, you can continue to use all Editions Count features for only $5 per month (Beta Price).

Upload images for an unlimited number of artworks.

Add caption information including Title, Medium, and Year Created.

Track an unlimited number of editions for each artwork.

Set custom edition sizes for each artwork.

Enter prices for your artworks that can adjust automatically as your edition sells.

Track your artwork by recording loans, consignments, and sales.

Invite dealers, clients, and friends to view selected artworks so they can see edition availability and current pricing. Anyone that you invite to view a collection can do so free of charge!

15 day free trial

Are you a gallery or invited guest?

Guest accounts are free, forever. Once invited by an artist, you will be able to view vital information including edition availability and current pricing. Completing a free registration on Editions Count allows you to view artworks by all artists that use our system who have sent you an invitation. View all of your artists' available artworks in one place!

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